We are a lamp and shade materials manufacturer specializing in lamp shade fabrics, decorative lighting accessories, and fabric lights. Our comprehensive product range includes:

Lamp Shade Fabrics: We offer classic and fashionable fabrics that bring elegance and sophistication to various shade designs. We offer a range of hard backs such as PVC, Kişisel bilgisayar, Ps, Pp, Evcil hayvan, and parchment suitable for shades of every size and style. We provide lamp shades trims and laces, along with laser cut service and design options for our customers.

Kumaş Abajurlar: Our hard back and soft back lamp shades are popular in the industry, and we offer customized lamp shade solutions to fit every style and design preference. Our laser cut design and silkscreen fabric options add unique and modern details to our classic lamp shade designs.

Kumaş Lambalar: We specialize in aqua fabric lamps, cloth lamps, bespoke fabric lighting, fabric wall lamps, fabric ceiling lights, fabric pendant lights, fabric table lamps, and fabric floor lamps.

Lamp Shade Accessories: Our range of lamp shade accessories includes fabric trims, fabric lace, metal frames, E14/e27 rings, and other parts that complement our lamp shade collection.

We are dedicated to providing high-quality and innovative products to our customers. Our team works closely with our clients to ensure each product meets their specific requirements. If you’re searching for a reliable and experienced lamp shade manufacturer, we’re the company to trust.


kumaş lambalar

kumaş lambalar

kumaş lambalar
lamp shade fabrics china supplier

lamp shade fabrics china supplier

lamp shade fabrics from china
kumaş abajur tonları

kumaş abajur tonları

kumaş abajur tonları
metal rings for lamp shades

metal rings for lamp shades

materials of shades and lighitng


Our Products Are Applied to Lamp Shades( from shade fabrics); Decorative lighting(from fabric lamp shades), like: fabric pendant light/ceiling light/wall lamp/table lamp/floor lamp; shades' metal (from shade metal steel wire); other accessories of shades and lights. In the lighting industry, mainly call our products: Lampshade fabrics/Fabric lampshades/Lampshade trims and accessories/Fabric lamps.


We have consistently embraced innovation to provide full and specific lamp shade fabrics, lamp shades, new shade materials and lighting accessories solutions for our every valuable customers.

One Stop Supply:

A full range of lamp shade materials supply. There are more 10000 fabrics in our stock. The biggest and largest lamp shade fabrics and shades supply in China.

Reliable & Stable:

More than 25 years to work with more than 1000 old customers around the world. We have stable supply chain to support our customers at reasonable price and stable quality.

The Newest products:

We not only can supply all fabrics of shades in the market, ama aynı zamanda, we update our fabrics and shades materials every month. The customers always can find the lamps and shades new materials and technology support from us.

Outstanding service and On time Delivery

Any way of transports is available. The best of Mini Order support for our clients. The largest stock to support the request of on time delivery.

Custom Made shades, fabrics and lamps

We are a China abajur malzemeleri ve aydınlatma aksesuarları üreticisi that who makes lamp shade fabrics, kumaş abajur tonları, kumaş aydınlatma ve ilgili aksesuarlar gibi: gölge süslemeleri, abajur dekoratif danteller, ve gölge metaller vb. dünyanın dört bir yanındaki müşteri için. Daha fazlasını tedarik edebiliriz 10000 gölge kumaşların / kumaşların tasarım desenlerinin öğeleri, and the shades' hard back like PVC, PARŞÖMEN, Ps, Kişisel bilgisayar,Pp, ve saire.


Usually, How many tittles do our customers call us?

Cevap: Lamp Shade fabrics supplier, Shade fabrics manufacturer, Shade materials supplier, Lamp Shade manufacturer, Lampshade factory, Fabric' Lamps manufacturer, China biggest and best shade fabrics supplier, China top lamp shade and shade fabrics producer, Zhongshan city best lamp shade materials supplier, The biggest company of lampshade and shade materials solutions in China. The fabric lighting exporter. The best reliable supplier of fabric lamps OEM and ODM in China.

What do our old customers call us? The call like: fabric lamp shade supplier/lampshade frames supplier in China/wholesale lamp shades supplier/lampshade fabric supplier/lampshade wire frames manufacturer. These are the tags from our customers. We marks them here to help the new customers to understand us more.

Our Products Specific items: shade fabric, shade laces, gölge süslemeleri, kumaş abajur tonları, Kumaş Işıklar, fabric custom decorative lighting, bespoke fabric lamps, designers' fabric custom lighting, lamp shade metal rings, lamp shade metal frames, lamp shade metal parts, sert arka abajur, soft back lamp shades, custom made lamp shades, fabric lamp shades for pendants and ceiling, lamp shade glues, parchment fabric, lamp shade paper, lampshade linen fabrics, lamp shade cotton fabrics, lamp shade wooden pattern fabrics, lamp shade Japanese paper, lampshade PVC/PP/PC/PET/PS/OPP, lampshade ropes, lampshade accessory, fabric design lamps, lamp shade diffuse, lighting materials of lamp shades, classic lamp shade, modern lamp shade etc.


An amazing manufacturer of lamp shade & shade fabrics in China, whose slogan is “ask what it can do for the customers, doesn’t ask what the customers can do for it!

Biz, MEGAFIT, a top manufacturer for the fabric lamp shades, and the fabrics of lamp shade, and all relevant materials for lamp shade making. What it means?

It means, there are three most important things in the world for MEGAFITTING. Sun, moon and the customer. Sun for morning, moon for night, and customer forever. The customer is everything for MEGAFITTING.

Tam, MEGAFIT, has been supplying the solution for fabric lampshade maker, and distributors of lamp shade and lighting, designer of lamp and shade, replacement of hotel table lamp/desk lamp/pendant lamp/fabric ceiling lamp/fabric lamps, bespoke fabric lamps of restaurant and shopping mall, lighting and fabric lamps manufacturers around the world, who is not just supply the materials of lamp and shade, ama aynı zamanda, the technology support and after sales service. It is, 20 years old, a top and amazing supplier and manufacturer of lamp and fabric shades from China and got a quality reputation in the lighting and lamp industry all over the world.

Why MEGAFITTING is the top lamp shade and accessories supplier in China? There are more than 100,000 items of fabrics of lamp shade in our stores. Burası 100 lamp shade engineers and crafted shade master can make any kind and any design of lamp shades, who have been working in lamp shade industry for 10 Yıl. All the lighting companies and lamp shade factories in China were and are our customers, and so will be. The MEGAFITTING update the materials and designs of lamp shade every month by its R&D departmanı。

MEGAFIT: A top supplier of lamp shade and the

relevant accessories of lampshade manufacturer. We can visit the website: or send it an email: I am surely you can get a surprise on the lampshade and shade fabrics than what you saw before in anywhere.






    Klasik ve modaya uygun üretim tesisimiz var. gölgelik kumaşlar, gibi gölge malzemeleri dahil: PVC, Pp, Ps, Evcil hayvan, Kişisel bilgisayar, güneş gözlüğü’ süslemeler/bağcıklar, parşömen vb..

    Daha, Biz de yapıyoruz kumaş tonları ve kumaş lambalar Müşterilerin isteği için herhangi bir boyut ve herhangi bir renk, gölgeler ve lambalar için özel desenler ve tasarımlar bile.

    Tek kelimeyle, Çin'de en iyi ve büyük aydınlatma kumaşları tedarikçisi olarak, İlgili tüm kumaş tonlarını üretiyoruz, kumaş lambalar, ve dünyanın dört bir yanındaki müşterilere aydınlatma için kumaş aksesuarlar.

    Aydınlatma kumaşları / kumaşları ile ilgili herhangi bir tasarım ve soru, Bize hoş geldiniz.




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