veika vakaiyalayala
veika vakaiyalayala
veika vakaiyalayala


We are a Chinese manufacturer specializing in lamp shade fabrics, decorative lighting accessories, and fabric lights. Our comprehensive product range includes:

Lamp Shade Fabrics: We offer classic and fashionable fabrics that bring elegance and sophistication to various shade designs. We offer a range of hard backs such as PVC, PC, PS, TT, MANUmanu 10, and parchment suitable for shades of every size and style. We provide lamp shades trims and laces, along with laser cut service and design options for our customers.

Na Roka ni Cina ni iYulu: Our hard back and soft back lamp shades are popular in the industry, and we offer customized lamp shade solutions to fit every style and design preference. Our laser cut design and silkscreen fabric options add unique and modern details to our classic lamp shade designs.

Cina ni iSulu: We specialize in aqua fabric lamps, cina ni isulu, cina ni isulu tu vakawawa, fabric wall lamps, cina ni siliva, cina ni isulu, cina ni teveli ni isulu, and fabric floor lamps.

Lamp Shade Accessories: Our range of lamp shade accessories includes fabric trims, fabric lace, metal frames, E14/e27 rings, and other parts that complement our lamp shade collection.

We are dedicated to providing high-quality and innovative products to our customers. Our team works closely with our clients to ensure each product meets their specific requirements. If you’re searching for a reliable and experienced lamp shade manufacturer, we’re the company to trust.


cina ni isulu

cina ni isulu

cina ni isulu
cina ena rugurugua ni cina dauvolivolitaki

cina ena rugurugua ni cina dauvolivolitaki

cina ena rugurugua ni isulu mai na jaina
roka ni cina ni isulu

roka ni cina ni isulu

roka ni cina ni isulu
mama kaukamea me roka kina na cina

mama kaukamea me roka kina na cina

iyaya ni roka kei na lighitng


E Vakayagataki na Noda Ivoli ki na Na Roka ni Cina( mai na isulu rurugu); Cina iukuuku(mai na roka ni cina ni isulu), me vaka: cina ni isulu cina/siliva/cina ni lalaga/cina/vuloa; kaukamea (mai na ivakaruru sitila kaukamea); eso tale na iyaya ni roka kei na cina. Ena cakacaka ni cina, ka dau kaciva na noda ivoli: Isulu cina/lampshades/Lampshade/Lampshade qori kei na iyaya lalai/Cina ni isulu.


Keimami sa veicurumaki ena veigauna eso na veisau me vakarautaki kina na isulu taucoko ka vakarurugu ni cina, roka ni cina, kedra iwali vou na noda kasitama talei kei na iyaragi ni rarama vovou.

Dua na Taro:

E dua na ivurevure taucoko ni cina ni yatevuso ni iyaya. E tiko eso tale 10000 na isulu ena noda ivotavota. Na cina levu ka levu duadua e vakarurugi kina na isulu kei na roka mai Jaina.

Nuitaki & Vinaka Tu:

Levu cake mai na 25 veiyabaki me cakacaka vata kei ira e sivia na 1000 kasitama makawa e vuravura taucoko. Sa tu na neimami isema ni kakana volitaki vinaka me tokoni ira na neimami kasitama ena isau vinaka kei na kedra ituvaki vinaka.

Na ivoli vou duadua:

E sega walega ni rawa ni da vakarautaka na isulu duidui ena makete, ia sa vakatalega kina, eda vakavouia na noda isulu kei na roka ni iyaya ena veivula. O ira na kasitama era na dau kunea na cina kei na roka ni iyaya vovou kei na veitokoni ni tekinolaji mai vei keda.

Veiqaravi sega ni vakasakiti kei na Kena Gauna e Soli Tiko

Sa vakarautaki tu na sala cava ga ni veitosoyaki. Na veitokoni vinaka duadua ni Ota Lalai me baleti ira na noda veikida. Na ivoli levu duadua me tokona na kerekere ni kena vakau ena gauna.

Na roka e Buli me Vaka na kena iBulibuli, isulu kei na cina

Eda sa Jaina cina waqa ni yava kei na iyaya lalai ni cina ka dau cakava na cina me vakarurugi kina na isulu, roka ni cina ni isulu, cina ni isulu kei na iyaya veiwekani me vaka na: vakataotaka na mositi, cina yadreti ni itiuku, kei na vatu rurugu ni ka eso tale. me baleti ira na kasitama e vuravura raraba. E rawa ni da vakarautaka e levu cake mai na 10000 na tiki ni icakacaka ni droini ni isulu/isulu rurugu, kei na roka kaukauwa e muri me vaka na PVC, TIKI NI MATAVUVALE, PS, PC,TT, kei na so tale.


E kena ivakarau, E vica na matanivola lailai era kacivi keda kina na noda kasitama?

Kena iSau: Cina Vakaruru isulu dauvolivolitaki, Vakarurugi ni isulu dauvakatitiqa, Vakarurugi ni iyaya dauvolivolitaki, iVakaruru ni Cina, Vale ni cina, Dautuvatuva ni Cina ni Isulu, Dauvolivolitaki levu ka vakarurugi vinaka duadua ni Jaina, Ivakaruru ni cina e cake ni Cina kei na iqaqaso ni isulu rurugu, Cina vinaka duadua ena siti o Zhongshan era vakarurugi kina na dauvolivolitaki ni iyaya, Na kabani levu duadua ni cina kei na iwali vakarurugi ni iyaya mai Jaina. Na dausoli kaci ni isulu. Na dauvolivolitaki nuitaki duadua ni cina ni isulu OEM kei na ODM mai Jaina.

Na cava era kacivi keda kina na noda kasitama makawa? Na veikacivi vaka: cina ni isulu era dauvolivolitaki/cinashade waqana dauvolivolitaki mai Jaina/dauvolivolitaki ni cina vakasaqani/lampshade dauvolivolitaki/lampshade wire frame frames manufacturers. Oqo na nodra itoka mai vei ira na noda kasitama. Keitou makataka eke me keimami vukei ira na kasitama vou me ra kila vakavinaka cake vei keimami.

Na iYaya Digitaki ni Noda iYaya: isulu rurugu, waini serau, vakataotaka na mositi, roka ni cina ni isulu, cina ni isulu, cina iukuuku ni isulu, cina isulu tu vakawawa, cina ga ni isulu ni droini, cina e serau mamaca na mama ni metali, cina e vakaruruca na waqa kaukamea, cina vuruka ni kaukamea, roka ni cina kaukauwa e muri, roka ni cina e muri malumu, vaka na roka ni cina, roka ni isulu me baleta na qasivi kei na siligi, roka ni cina, isulu lumulu mamaca, pepa roka ni cina, isulu lineni cina, cina me rokataka na isulu vauvau, cina e rokataka na isulu kau, cina e rokataka na pepa vaka-Japani, cina VVC/PP/PC/PET/PS/OPP, dali ni cina, ivakadewa ni cina, cina droini ni isulu, vakataotaka na cina na kena vakatasotaki, iukuuku ni cina ni cina, roka ni cina vakasakiti, roka ni cina ni gauna oqo kei na so tale.


An amazing manufacturer of lamp shade & shade fabrics in China, whose slogan is “ask what it can do for the customers, doesn’t ask what the customers can do for it!

Eda sa, VEIKA VAKA MEGAFITU, a top manufacturer for the fabric lamp shades, and the fabrics of lamp shade, and all relevant materials for lamp shade making. What it means?

It means, there are three most important things in the world for MEGAFITTING. Sun, moon and the customer. Sun for morning, moon for night, and customer forever. The customer is everything for MEGAFITTING.

Donu vinaka sara, VEIKA VAKA MEGAFITU, has been supplying the solution for fabric lampshade maker, and distributors of lamp shade and lighting, designer of lamp and shade, replacement of hotel table lamp/desk lamp/pendant lamp/fabric ceiling lamp/fabric lamps, bespoke fabric lamps of restaurant and shopping mall, lighting and fabric lamps manufacturers around the world, who is not just supply the materials of lamp and shade, ia sa vakatalega kina, the technology support and after sales service. It is, 20 years old, a top and amazing supplier and manufacturer of lamp and fabric shades from China and got a quality reputation in the lighting and lamp industry all over the world.

Why MEGAFITTING is the top lamp shade and accessories supplier in China? There are more than 100,000 items of fabrics of lamp shade in our stores. The 100 lamp shade engineers and crafted shade master can make any kind and any design of lamp shades, who have been working in lamp shade industry for 10 yabaki. All the lighting companies and lamp shade factories in China were and are our customers, and so will be. The MEGAFITTING update the materials and designs of lamp shade every month by its R&D department

VEIKA VAKA MEGAFITU: A top supplier of lamp shade and the

relevant accessories of lampshade manufacturer. We can visit the website: or send it an email: I am surely you can get a surprise on the lampshade and shade fabrics than what you saw before in anywhere.






    E tu vei keda na iyauqaqa me rawati kina na kena e dua na ivakarau tudei ka vakaivakarau isulu ni sulu rurugu, oka kina na veika e erau vakataka: VVC, TT, PS, MANUmanu 10, PC, na yalo ni veisoy’ koti/tiki ni moan kei na kei na so tale..

    Me kena ikuri, eda cakava talega roka ni isulu kei na cina ni isulu me baleta nodra kerekere na kasitama ena kena levu cava ga kei na roka cava ga, na iwalewale kei na iwalewale talei sara mada ga ni roka kei na cina.

    Ena dua na vosa, me vaka e dua na isulu ni cina lelevu ka levu e Jaina, eda cakava taucoko na isulu e veiwekani, cina ni isulu, kei na iyaya lalai ni isulu me cina vei ira na kasitama e vuravura raraba.

    Na iwalewale kei na taro me baleta na isulu/isulu ni cina, kidavaki mo veitaratara kei keitou.




    #3 Huaan Road Chuangye iWasewase Rara ni iYau ni Caosan, Koro o Guzhen Zhongshan City, Yasana mai Guanggi,Jaina.

    Talevoni Veikauyaki:0086 136 2270 3681
    Tel: +86-0760-22348167



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