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Square Lamp Shade for table lamp and standing lamp made by top quality fabric white color

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Square Lamp Shade for table lamp and standing lamp made by top quality fabric white color Square Lamp Shade for table lamp and standing lamp made by top quality fabric white color

About the item:

Item :  Square Lamp Shade for table lamp and standing lamp made by top quality fabric white color
Lamp shade Style /USE  table lamp shade, floor lamp shade.
Lamp Shade’ shade / tags:  square fabric lamp shade, linen hard back lamp shade, white lamp shade
Dimensions and sizes available: D 450-450 *450-450* H 300 mm, and customized size is available.
Lamp shade Material metal, fabric, PVC hard back.
Shade Fabric Material linen fabric in white, and other color is available.
Lamp shade Fitter and fitter finish: Available: Spider fitter, Washer fitter, UNO washer fitter, Euro washer fitter, E 27 /E 26 /E 12/ E 26 metal ring fitter, bowl fitter, bulb clip-on fitter, chimney fitter, and bespoke metal fitter for lamp shade is OK for us. Finish: chrome / white finish / brass / gold / silver.
Lamp shade décor details With trimming and metal piping for lamp shade, OPP plastic protecting for the lamp shade fabric.


Square Lamp Shade for table lamp and standing lamp is the common and normal use for our fabric lamp shades. Our fabric lamp shade factory normally, and usually produce  square fabric lamp shades for our customers around the world. The square lamp shade usually made in the same size of top and bottom, and match the relative height to fit for the table and floor lamps. Normally the square fabric lamp shade made in our shade factory by cotton and linen fabrics, and sometimes we make other fabrics like silk, and leather for the special order in our clients bespoke size and fabrics. More, if the client can supply the special fabric for their special order, we also are happy to support their sqaure lamp shade order. In a world, we are trying our best to supply all kinds and types of square lamp shades for our customers, and we would like to become the best partner as a lamp shade manufacturer for our clients.



More details:

Lead time: 20 days for normal order.

Warranty: 1-2 years.

Quality: meet the request of UL and CE quality standard.



1, Can you make small order, or bespoke only one lamp shade on quantity order for lamp shade order?

A: Yes. Any order is available for us, just send us email for confirm before order.


2, Can you make any promise on the packing during shipping?

A: Yes, we take all of responsibility by our side.


3, How did you pack your lamp shades?

A: Normally by cart with the support details inside.

For different shade, we have different solution for packing, will let you now, after your order.


4, Can you ship your lamp shade to our location?

A: Yes, we have the shipping solution for our customers around the world. Just let us know your city, we will send you the shipping solution.


5, Can you make our sizes lamp shade?

A: Yes, any size is available for us.


6, Can you make our logo on the lamp shade and carton packing?

A: Yes, just let us your logo details. We will make the logo for you when you order.


7, Can you send me the samples / mock-up before lamp shade mass order?

A: Yes, sample is OK for us.


8, Can you supply the samples / swatch of lamp shade fabrics?

A: Yes, we make that usually for the new customers.


9, Can tell us what is the hot sale of fabric lamp shades?

A: Yes, we have many customers around the world, we understand that and happy to support our customers.


10, Can you make a lamp shade marketing support or lamp shade sale proposal for us?

A: Yes. We are happy to share our info and knowledge with our customers. Send us your request and info, we will share our lamp shade sale marketing for you.


How to make a fabric lamp shade order on us?

Answer: Normally, send us the sizes of lamp shade what you want to make, for example: the top size * bottom size* slant height. The size by inch or / and cm/mm, all is OK for us.

Then, let us which fabric you would like to use, like cotton or linen etc.

Finally, if you would like to use some trimming or other décor for the lamp shade, to show and let us know. That is all.


How to measure a fabric lamp shade?

Answer: Normally, we classify the shades at 3 types: A: Round shades, B: Rectangle / Oval shades, C: Square shades. On the specific details how to mark down the size, please see our below drawing. Can see the drawing to know more details how to measure the size of a oval lampshade:


how to measure a shade how to measure a shade

how to measure a shade


How to get the fabric materials and colors for your order fabric lamp shades?

Answer: You can download our catalogs of fabrics for lamp shade in our website, or send us an email to get the e-catalog for what you want. Exactly, for the fabric colors, we can make any color for your fabric lamp shades. Additionally, as the development of technology on lamp shad making, we can print any design / your logo with any color for your dream lamp shades. Try us and trial order with us, you will find an amazing fabric lamp shade maker to support your lamp shade business.


Can you send some new of fabric designs for our reference to make an updated lamp shade order?

Answer: Yes, Our R&D always do our best to update the design jobs to support our fabric lamp shades business. We update the fabrics and designs of shade to make our customers’ lamp shade business better and better.


Can you supply the samples of lamp shade fitters for us before the mass order?

Answer: Yes, we can supply all kinds of lamp shade fitters for your check and approval before order. If need some special finish / color for the lamp shade fitter / metal ring / washer, please let us known that before sending, which maybe need some more time to producing.


Are your lamp shade fitter / washers fit for American and European market standard?

Answer: Yes, we have both solutions for the USA and Euro markets. Just let know where you would like to sell for the lamp shades, we can match the relevant fitters / washers for the lamp shades. Take it easy, we will and can care all details and standards for the lamp shades to support your lamp shade sale business.


Can you tell us who is your customers in our market?

Answer: Sorry, we have to protect our old customers in the market. It is a business secret for the lamp shade business.


How many years have you been in the making of fabric lamp shades?

Answer:  AHHA, it is quiet long years ago. We have more than 20 years / experience on making lamp shade and supplying the shade fabrics / materials for our China customers. That is why we are called one of top lamp shade makers in China.


Do you have some of lamp shades in your stock which can be sent out quickly for our lamp shade sale?

Answer: Yes, we have more than 1000 square meter warehouse to stock our common lamp shades. You can get our usual lamp shades in our stock to sale in your market.


About the washers and fitter for the lamp shades:


lamp shade fittings on the metal ring like UNO FITTER culb clips spider fitters washer fitters etc

lamp shade fittings on the metal ring like UNO FITTER culb clips spider fitters washer fitters etc



More designs for the lamp shade’ shades :


lamp shade fittings on the metal ring like UNO FITTER culb clips spider fitters washer fitters etc

lamp shade fittings on the metal ring like UNO FITTER culb clips spider fitters washer fitters etc



For more about fabric lamp shades and shade fabrics supply, you can send us an email to get the info:

Email:  megafitting@foxmail.com






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