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silk ribbon fabric lamp shade

November 10, 2022

silk ribbon fabric lamp shade


silk ribbon fabric lamp shade silk ribbon fabric lamp shade



As a top fabric lamp shade and lamp shade fabric manufacturer, MEGAFITTING, just updated a new design for the lighting company.

That is called “silk ribbon lamp shade” in white color.

For the new shade, also, there is more colors like black, red, blue and green, and so on.

If interest, welcome to email us to get more details.

And the sizes for the silk ribbon lamp shades, could be 300mm, and 600 mm for the diameters, and other sizes is OK for the bespoke order.

The silk ribbon lamp shade could be a family for the ceiling and pendant lights, and the table and floor lamp shades etc.







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    We have facility to produce the classic and fashionable shade fabrics, including the shades materials like: PVC, PP, PS, PET, PC, shades’ trims/laces parchment etc..

    More, we also make fabric shades and fabric lamps for the customers request on any size and any color, even the special patterns and designs for the shades and lamps.

    In one word, as a top and large lighting fabrics supplier in China, we manufacture all related fabric shades, fabric lamps, and  fabric accessories for lighting to the customers around the world.

    Any design and question about lighting fabrics/cloth, welcome to contact us.




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