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01. What products mainly do you supply?

A: Fabrics of lampshade, Fabric lamp shades, Fabric lamps/lights, Fabric accessories for lampshade and lights, Lampshade accessories/parts.

All of our products is based on the fabrics of lighting, and, of course, the related services, technologies and handicraft supports. For examples: the lamp shades metal frames and metal rings, make designersspecial order for fabrics’lights and shades etc.


02, What is the Mini Order Quantity?

A: Normally, it is 100 pcs for each item of lamp shades, 100 meter at 4 rolls of shade fabric, and others are needed to confirm with us before order.

please notice that the shipping cost is another point that is must be considered when order.

03, How do you control the quality?

A: We will check the materials before start to producing, and arrange worker to double check during the producing line, and check the quality finally when packing.

More details on the quality, please email us when you order.

04, What is your LEAD-TIME?

A: The lampshades order normally is 30 days, and the fabrics of lampshade is 25 days usually. Some special order for the materials of shades and lights need the lead time is different.

05, What is your Payment?

A: T/T only, must be paid before shipment.

06, Do you have any additional support for lampshade and fabrics of shade?

A: We can help you to make lampshades and fabric lights, if you buy materials from us.

07, What is your Shipping way?

A: By air, by sea, all is ok for us. We can help you to find out the shipping solution to save the cost when you order.

08, How long is your Warranty?

A: 1 years. Need more warranty, you can check with us for a talk.

09,What is your price? competitive or not ?

A: Yes, We will give you the best the price than you buy from others.

10, How to contact?

A: megafitting@foxmail.com

11, if problems, how to contact?

A: megafitting@foxmail.com. megafitting@gmail.com

12,What is your packing?

A: Normally, the packing carton is for shade and fabrics. Some of lamp shades will use wooden carton.

13,Can you make shipping marks for us?

A: Yes, just send your drawing of shipping mark, we can help.

14. To be easy saying, who are you?

A: Lampshade manufacturer, fabrics of lampshade supplier, Factory of fabric lights, supplier of shade and lights’ accessories.



    We have more than 25 years manufacturing experience on fabric lamp shades and fabric lamps, and shade fabrics supply for over 50 countries around the world.

    Any size, any color for the lamp shades and fabric lamps is available.

    There are more than 10000 items of shade fabrics in our stock.

    The No. 1 and the largest supplier of shade fabrics in China.

    The reliable partner for many lighting makers around the world.

    The seasonable price and stable quality supply from our factory.





    0086 136 2270 3681

    We have facility to produce the classic and fashionable shade fabrics, including the shades materials like: PVC, PP, PS, PET, PC, shadestrims/laces parchment etc..

    More, we also make fabric shades and fabric lamps for the customers request on any size and any color, even the special patterns and designs for the shades and lamps.

    In one word, as a top and large lighting fabrics supplier in China, we manufacture all related fabric shades, fabric lamps, and fabric accessories for lighting to the customers around the world.

    Any design and question about lighting fabrics/cloth, welcome to contact us.




    #3 Huaan Road Chuangye Area Caosan Industrial Park, Guzhen Town Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province,China.

    Mobile0086 136 2270 3681
    Email megafitting@foxmail.com

    Email: sale@megafitting.com


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