Comparison of advantages and disadvantages between glass lamp shade and PMMA lamp shade and its function The advantages: 1). Glass lamp cover: good light transmittance, no gas at high temperature, no yellowing, etc. 2). PMMA lampshade: product light (less than glass density), non-friable (bad), produced by imported material with PMMA 5-10 years basic don't change color, color variety, anti-aging, gelation-flow-casting method (wind, snow and ice impact resistance); The disadvantages: 1). Glass lamp cover: glass is fragile (through coating or toughening treatment, the glass is fragile); 2). PMMA lampshade disadvantages: low rigidity, flexible, light transmittance of the generally poor, completely transparent PMMA lampshade can cause dazzling in the center of the light source or the string of dazzling light, brightness in the light source is rapidly reduced, however, is not good for people's eyes, able to withstand the low temperature, easy to cause the deformation of the lampshade over 90 degrees. The main functions of the lampshade are: 1. Block the strong light. Avoid direct light exposure to the human eye, causing dizziness. 2. Protective effect. Can prevent the invasion of dust, lampblack, thus lengthen the service life of the bulb. 3. Decorative function. The color of chimney and modelling collocation are good also can become a scene in the room, give a person to enjoy. The choice to chimney basically is to see the interest of individual and bedroom condition. One way is to match the shade with the wall. If milk yellow metope matchs on goose yellow chimney, appear harmonious warmth; Sky blue metope matchs go up light blue chimney, look anacreontic and pure and fresh. Another kind is chimney color and metope color use contrast color, because general chimney is smaller, choose contrast color can make it outstanding, produce bouncing feeling. When choosing a lampshade, it is important to consider the color of the base. The base that if dark red matchs with Burgundy or tea chimney, appear melting an organic whole so. It is not recommended to use contrasting colors. For example, using contrasting colors will give the illusion that the lamp has two sides. Lights should also be considered when the choice of color and color lampshade likely very harmonious in the first place, but after turn on the light, the light changes, the color will have a certain degree of change, so when choose, be sure to open the lamp, after having seen the effect to decide to buy. And the shape of the lampshade, agree with the integral style of the room, and each room style is not consistent, for example, should select the modelling of the lamp shade inside children room cartoon type, and the material is soft. The chimney of the bedroom can choose tonal lighter, modelling can decide according to individual be fond of 4. The purpose of the flash lamp cover is to convert the hard direct light of the flash into the soft scattered light. The worst way to take pictures indoors is to use a flash to shoot directly at the subject. The photos taken are almost all dead and lifeless and should be avoided. On the contrary, we should use jump lamp, use interior walls (white wall best) as a reflector, shoot the light will flash through the walls of the subject after scattering to arrive. In this way, the light is very natural and soft, and the shadows are relatively dim, sometimes not even visible. Went back reflection light flash and with lamp holder (where, of course, want to have a wall behind), the best way to vertical jump instead of light effect is not so good, the reason is that the light on the surface of the back wall, through the wall reflection to subject the distance is longer, the degree of light scattering is bigger, so the light will be more close to natural light, the color is more soft.