NJ HOTEL Located on the famous historical street, changjiang road, the luxury boutique hotel is adjacent to the six dynasties museum located at the site of the former six dynasties' jiankang mansion, one step away from the famous presidential palace. Designed by HBA Melbourne team nanjing SAN residence luxury hotel, design inspiration originates from the nanjing as the capital of the Ming dynasty and the period of the republic of China, two important historical period internal space collection of a large number of exquisite works of art, handmade embroidery, luxuriant porcelain and absorbing more than volumes of historical and cultural books, strive to create the artistic conception of the people in the luxury private mansion. As one of China's four big ancient capital of nanjing, and as an important institution of growing city, in the process of design, we combined the rich local culture, and as the historic city of local amorous feelings. The long history and deep cultural heritage of the hotel can be explored in this hotel with local historical and cultural elements. Listening to the colorful chapters of history, the HBA has carefully constructed a public area for the luxury select hotel of nanjing's saints and mansions. The open and open atrium is surrounded by floor-to-ceiling Windows and mixed with light and shadow. The mahogany shelves, which stretch from the floor to the ceiling, are filled with antiques and exquisite works of art and books. Taking the life of Dr. Sun yat-sen as the creative background, it fully shows the cultural heritage of the republic of China period. As one of the most extensive hotel library in China, nanjing SAN luxury residence featured a layer of the lobby of the hotel walker house the collection more than million copies, everywhere is full of fascinating and retro charm. Parquet floor, delicate wood screen, contain the design element of period of republic of China, the design of dining-room lets the passenger of wide smell strong knowledge enjoy local food amorous feelings fully in this atmosphere. Become a global traveler in this place to explore the best local customs. Front hall, banquet hall reveal luxuriant fundamental key. The hotel has 158 rooms, ranging from standard rooms to presidential suites. The materials of the guest room include leather, bronze, lacquer, silk and stone, setting a gorgeous tone. On furniture and textile, we also consider repeatedly, combine the style of medieval modern design, build the atmosphere of classic elegance. Hotel swimming pool, fitness center. The pool is set in a glass atrium to get enough natural light, and the surrounding potted shrubs, trees and green plants create a peaceful and comfortable atmosphere. Decorated with art, sculpture, books and oil paintings, the hotel also presents the elegance of a private mansion. And there are so many custom made shades used and designed in this project, all the lamp shade made by China lamp shade manufacturer mega, who have a web http://www.megafitting.com/