Environmental protection paper lamp shade production tutorial

We sometimes get some cardboard drum, such as some plastic wrap, after finished, the cylinder is often regarded as useless waste and to lose, but through this tutorial, you can turn this seemingly useless cylinder into the chimney of a paper art, of course, also can be used for other purposes, such as as small ornamental fence ~ everything is to your creativity!

Materials to be used:
- paper tube
- glue
- scissors

1. First, cut the paper cylinder into strips. The thickness can be controlled by yourself.

2. Stick it with glue according to the point shown in the picture, and be sure to aim at the position, otherwise there will be deformation.

 lamp shade production tutorial

3. It can be pasted in line after line, which will be much tidier.

4. Adjust according to the size of the lamp you want to make, and seal it when appropriate.

lamp shade
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