What is the lampshade to use, lampshade to buy attention matters?
Now in living in decorate people is becoming more and more high to the requirement of lamp shade, because if the chimney selection and collocation is very good, so the style of whole household adornment will have a very good ascension. And the current market, manufacturers have to meet the needs of different consumer groups, research and development to produce all kinds of lamp shade, with different material, different colors, and different styles. It can be well adapted to the needs of different families. Chimney is really a very good decorative objects, we want to change the style of lamp act the role ofing, completely there is no need to directly replace the lamps and lanterns, just need to replace lampshade can, show another kind of style you want to.
Chimney action
Action 1: protect our eyes from strong light and protect our eyes from strong light. The lampshade can filter the bright light from the bulb directly, which can make the light become soft and comfortable. It is not only good for our eyes but also makes us feel dizzy and feels very warm and comfortable.
Protective function 2: chimney, chimney isolates bulb with us, so you can avoid the light bulb in the accidents of fracture is spilled out fragments of the light bulb, their power to harm us so chimney plays a protective role for us, protect us from harm.
Part three: the role of chimney with antifouling, chimney cut off from the erosion of dust and oil for the light bulb, so there was no way to enter the dust and soot the surface of the light bulb, the bulb will not soon will also be damaged, so can prolong the using time of the lamp, lamp act the role ofing use time longer.
The lamp shade chooses the attention matters.
For lampshade choose and buy, basically want to choose according to the style of interior decoration and integral tone. In the chimney the choose and buy is important to note that the choice of the color, chosen at random, you can refer to, will be the color of the lamp shade and indoor metope color matching coordinated approach to the choose and buy. The color of lampshade and metope color coordinate, have a kind of harmonious and sweet feeling. And can use contrasting colors, color with metope color contrast is chimney, chimney is a small part of relatively whole metope, so in order to highlight the chimney, is the use of the contrast, such meetings make lampshade, produces one dynamic bouncing feeling. Also must be, the choose and buy of lampshade must pay attention to chimney and lamp holder match, size color and style, need to consider. Otherwise the effect that collocation comes out to act the role of is not so good. When buying lampshade, should consider the light effect and the lamp shade color is coordinated, can turn on the light, chimney color changes. So when choosing, must open the light source to see effect, decide whether to buy. And the appearance of chimney, the whole style of the room agrees with, otherwise will appear violate and feeling, let a person feel uncomfortable.
Conclusion: lampshade is an essential part of our furniture decoration an object, chimney is not only a decoration effect, it also can protect the bulbs and we, can prolong the using time of lamps and lanterns. So the choose and buy of lampshade is very important, the material that must pay attention to lampshade when choosing lampshade, the collocation of color, the collocation of style. Because only choose to appropriate lamp shade, can make our decorate a class to have a qualitative promotion. I want to pass the above introduction, everyone must be to the role of chimney, and, lampshade choose and buy attention a matter to have a more comprehensive understanding, hope can help you.