Cloth art lamp cover is short cloth lamp cover or cloth cover, it is made by cloth art material material! A light or semi-permeable cover over a bulb. Mainly used in indoor lamps and lanterns.
1. Practical scope
Mainly used in indoor lighting, such as desk lamp, floor lamp, chandelier, wall lamp, ceiling lamp...
Adjust the brightness of the light to meet the needs of production or operation, and protect the eyes.
3. Classification of cloth lampshade :(according to collocation) 4. Classification according to production process.
A, flat cover, is A layer of cloth composite film, and iron wire (only up and down each circle). The production process is relatively simple, it is concise a kind of lampshade, give a person decorous and generous feeling, the hotel room commonly USES this kind of chimney.
B, the palace cloth art chimney, is made by the cloth and iron frame, the cloth does not use the composite film, the lampshade is divided into the cloth and the lining, according to the light body style of the collocation chooses different cloth. The most common fabric is T/C cloth, flash silk, jacquard cloth, linen, etc., the court cover is usually matched with European lamps or Chinese classical style lamps.