LAMP SHADE Select method edit

In general case, reasonable chimney choice, reasonable collocation form can make lamps and lanterns more practical and ornamental, make the whole style of household more harmonious. Compared with lamp holder, chimney is replaced faster, and the cost is lower, so people are changing home decoration, lampshade becomes an important adornment method. Most lampshades are designed according to the standard size, so it is convenient for us to use the color of the lampshade to change the tone of the room.
1. Shape: the shape of a lampshade should be consistent with the outline of the lamp, such as the lamp holder has a curve, and the lampshade should also choose a curve; The lamp holder is flat and chooses the straight lamp shade; The heavy light of the chassis and a conical lampshade can make it look lighter.
2. Material: silk lampshades used in formal room or bedroom, linen, a parchment and textured chimney is suitable for use in the family room or small room, handmade or hand-painted chimney can increase intimacy and softness for the room.
3. Color: traditionally, the lampshades are white because they allow more light to pass through. Black or color lampshade directly down lights, to match the best crystal chassis with white chimney, bronze chassis with gray or ivory lampshade is best, wood or iron can match any style and chimney.
Most lamp or lamps and lanterns with different shape and style of chimney can produce different effect and beautiful, want to replace new chimney don't buy the chimney, same as before to try some other styles, you can find the indoor changed a lot.