Three kinds of different materials lamp shade living room pendant characteristics analysis.

Different materials of chimney droplight sitting room to a certain extent, affects the ceiling adornment effect, the sitting room chandelier lampshade material type on the market now is more, what the chandelier lampshade material good? Here are a few of the different shades of snow in the living room chandelier.
1. Glass lamp shade living room chandelier.
Glass lamp shade of droplight is the most common form of the sitting room, general droplight sitting room can use ground glass or clear glass, white frosted glass droplight sitting room elegant, give a person a kind of hazy beauty, clear light of transparent glass droplight sitting room, good pervious to light, can fully meet the demand of lighting.
2. Linen cloth art lamp shade living room chandelier.
Linen fabrics with natural beige, give a warm and elegant feeling. Linen cloth art lamp shade sitting room droplight is fresh and elegant, can match the household environment of simple European style, foil the sitting room is more warm, comfortable.
3. Full copper metal lamp shade living room chandelier.
Besides cloth art and glass material lamp shade the sitting room droplight, still have one kind is the sitting room droplight of all copper material lampshade, the sitting room droplight of this kind of chimney can be relatively few. Is compared commonly character models will be used to save or some special occasions the droplight with qualitative material of this kind, because it is full of copper metal lamp shade, the transmission of light is not so good, so often made down the chimney to satisfy the lighting design.